*NEW* YouTube Series: Becoming a Biblical Lender

An in-depth look at Jesus’s wealth values that He taught His disciples.

Austin L Garner
1 min readAug 9, 2023

This video series explores the unique and powerful strategy found all throughout the Bible that individuals should be lenders, as well as, the implications and biblical perspective for doing so.

In it, you will discover:

  • How the Bible defines money and what people’s relationship should be to it,
  • What the Bible says is the most profitable and safe investments anyone can make is,
  • How the Bible instructs us to take back control over our lives from banks and governments.

This series is based on my method of teaching people what the Bible really says about finances, and coaching them how to simply and practically implement it in their own lives.

It is the explanation behind the Values we practice and teach at Disciple Wealth Strategies:

  • Purpose: Serve God & Master Money.
  • Vision: Invest in People Today, for Eternity.
  • Mission: Be the “Banker” Until Christ Returns.
  • Banker: Invest/Lend According to Your Own Abilities.

This video series also reveals some of the amazing characteristics of high cash-value, dividend paying, whole life insurance from a mutual company, as discovered and taught by R. Nelson Nash.

I pray this series will be helpful to you. Enjoy!



Austin L Garner

Founder of Disciple Wealth Strategies (DiscipleWealthStrategies.com). Teaching God's Solution to the World's Financial Problems.